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Our revolutionary Halo helmet offers 80% better protection than other products on the market.

Scrum caps have been a long standing feature of both codes of rugby for many years. Our helmet goes further as it is a helmet not a scrum cap.

This is a standalone helmet that is for use not just in the scrum, but in open play.  Protecting against all hits, whether this is in the open or at close quarters, through a tackle or other secondary contact. Never claiming to offer 100% protection against concussion as this isn’t something that’s possible for anyone to offer. We reiterate that technique and proper coaching is as important as any equipment you may wear, and furthermore that “safety first” should always be the message regarding head injuries – if in any doubt at all, come off the pitch and take appropriate medical advice.

We have independent research from the leading authorities that our next generation technology is designed to offer greater insurance against head injuries and impacts to the brain and skull. If you have any questions or queries, we are happy to release this information to you. Please contact our media team at for further details.

Our helmet, Halo, will significantly reduce your exposure to serious head injuries. Our technical information page explains the research behind our product, which has been years in the making.

We hope that we have helped you to understand the distinction between what we provide and the alternatives available. If you want the ultimate in safety, we are the best option you can choose.