The Rose Top
The Rose Pod


Our bespoke MASS Impact Technology provides the very best protection on the market.

The technology employed in our HALO helmet works on two levels:

1. The Top

This thermoplastic part is designed to dampen low speed impacts. Its vibration damping properties allow for low speed impacts to be spread evenly across its surface area.

2. The Pod

The workhorse part of the technology.  This collapsible structure is designed to buy time in much the same way a car bumper does, collapsing down and controlling the energy transmitted to the head across the harder hits.



Our headgear is designed to protect first and foremost.  Using our patented technology, MASS:Impact the headgear works to bring the risk of concussion down.  This is important for low speed impacts that you get in flag, 7v7 or non-tackle football.

The all over coverage provides both linear and rotational protection and force reduction, meaning that the lower speed hits now have a reduced force transmitted to the brain.  This reduces brain shake.

This is key.

It is this acceleration that the Halo’s patented technology reduces.  The slower the brain hitting the skull, the better it is for your brain.

Of course, anybody could say their helmet is better and what does a STAR rating from VT mean?

It means that the headgear’s linear and rotational impacts are graded on their ability to reduce the risk of concussion.

It means that wearing our headgear is a safer option than not wearing headgear at all or the vast majority of headgear on the market.  Don’t mess around with your head gear!


That risk is made up of a linear value, the value to which force is driven into the skull in a straight line, and rotational value, which is the force it takes to spin the head.  The lower the value the better it is for the brain as this means less acceleration and banging against the inside of the skull.

Our helmet has been tested at the labs of Virginia Tech, USA.  They have a wealth of expertise that you can check out here.  More importantly they have a set of protocols and methods for testing helmets across a range of sports, and a particular set of impacts.  You can find the details of the testing methods we have used here and here.

The head to head and mallet impacts represent some tough impacts (up to 4ms) against hard surfaces, such as a skull or stray knee.

We must stress at this point that nobody can totally eliminate the risk of concussion, but you can as a player concentrate on technique, wearing the right equipment and playing in the right way.  Wearing any head gear does not give any player a super power and you should look after your head – it’s the only one you’ll get!

We can help you do this and technically we pride ourselves on a helmet which definitively reduces your risk of concussion and brain injury.



Our washable headgear uses fabrics that stretch, twist and breathe.  The choice of fabrics is as important as the technology.  Players need something to fit snugly with discomfort.  

Players also need to look the part and we use fabrics that can support logos, printing and a huge array of colours so teams can look the way they want to and not just a case of branding from the manufacturer.

Tested in machine washes, the headgear is the only machine washable helmet on the market.

The standard hook and loop closure keeps the helmet on the head, securely fastened under the chin and the laces at the back are elasticated meaning a certain amount of stretch, but still a snug fit when wearing.