The Top
The Pod

MASS Impact

Our bespoke MASS Impact Technology provides the very best protection on the market. The technology within our helmet works on two levels:

1. The top

Soft thermoplastic dampens impact across a low spectrum therefore the top is the first line of defence.

1. The Pod

We’ve designed the pod to collapse and deform into itself enabling it to dissipate impact across its surface area.


MASS: Impact

We have designed our soft shell headgear for use in 7v7, flag/non-tackle football rugby and skate headwear.

Our in-house design team ensures that our technology stands up to each testing regime and also the standards expected from all of our athletes and users.


Head Protection

Protecting against head injuries is our number one, so our products are made with you in mind.

We also build on our team’s knowledge by utilising our links with the medical world so we know what we are doing benefits our customers.

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Industrial Protection

MASS Impact has been used in an industrial capacity on production and manufacturing lines.  If a product has needed protecting or is part of a process where impact happens – which in some cases is unavoidable – then the Mass technology is a potential solution.

MASS Impact has been installed in a bottle manufacturing plant to eliminate damaged bottles that get filled and can then go undetected to the customer.  This costs the manufacturer both in efficiency and money.  Utilising the technology reduced the damage in the manufacturing process.

In addition, our technology has damping properties for sound and can work to reduce noise levels.  In manufacturing plants this can be used to reduce overall noise in specific areas where products repeatedly impact hard surfaces.



Formed in 2013 by our founder, John Wood.  John’s background is in shock absorption and material impact.  This helped him to then create MASS Impact. Which, improves protection specifically within the headwear, footwear and body armour markets. Testing on the technology began in 2014 which confirmed the viability of MASS and by 2016 the technology was fully patented in Europe, America and Australasia.



We work with Virginia Tech, the world’s leading authority on concussion and helmet safety so that you have confidence in us to help reduce the risk of concussion and head injuries.

We work with athletes and players at all levels to support future Research and Development.


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