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Soft Shell Headgear

4 Star Virgina Tech rated 

Impact force reduction – Reducing the chance of concussion and head injury.  MASS: Impact patented tech reduces force every hit, every time.

Comfortable–  A combination of wick away moisture fabrics and complete airflow keep temperature just right

Customizable – Your colours, your logos, truly your team’s headgear

Washable – Can be washed like any other piece of kit,  keep it fresh!


Your game begins in the locker room. Pulling on the jersey, putting in the gum shield; preparation is key. Lacing your boots. Plays run like clockwork in your head. The team is united; everyone huddles round one last time before running out. It’s then time to go –  over the white line and onto the field of battle


You and your team in the Heimdall Headgear will have head protection you can trust in your team’s colours and logos.


MASS Impact is our own bespoke, patented technology which is at the heart of the helmet.  The shock absorbing material that we use is specifically designed to reduce impacts and forces on the head over and over again unlike some foams.

Tested at VT you can be confident of wearing the Halo in any state and any competition.



Truly flexible structure that fits to your head the Heimdall Halo with MASS:Impact allows complete airflow with the stretch fabrics used to wick away moisture and keep your head from overheating.

Together with a low profile structure our Headgear helps you stay comfortable and sleek when you need it.


Customise Your Gear

While safety is at the heart of what we do, we understand that you have to look the part too.

This is why the Halo is customizable.

We have lots of stock colours you can choose from but for that true team touch you can choose your colours, send us your design and upload your logos.

Give us a few days to get that right, sign it off and we’ll get you and your team in your colours and designs.


Halo FAQ’s

What is the product?

Virginia Tech 4 Star rated Soft shell headgear designed to reduce the effects of head impacts in 7v7, flag and non-contact football, including all concussion related injuries.

How does the product work?

We make use of our bespoke, patented MASS Impact Technology which uses shock absorbing material to control the linear and angular accelerations to head and brain during impact

Why do you need headgear for 7v7, flag or non-contact football, there is no tackling, right?

There is no tackling in 7v7, flag or non-contact football but there is contact with players head and other players and also the ground.  Players fall over, people bang heads, it’s the nature of sport and no amount of preparation can prevent that.

Does the product offer complete protection from concussion?

No. No product can ever offer you such guarantees and we emphasise the importance of proper training and practice to tackle and engage correctly. Any such claims are at best, negligent. However, we can confidently state that our product offers the very best protection on the market as a result of the rigorous testing that we have made.

Can you continue to play after receiving a knock to the head while wearing the product?

The product is designed to protect against knocks to the head and reduce the risk of concussions. We would anticipate that in the vast majority of cases, the protection offered should be highly effective and play can continue. Nevertheless, it is critical that any blow to the head is followed by a proper on field examination. Any signs of concussion should lead to the player leaving the pitch for a full Head Injury Assessment and should this be failed, no return to the field should be attempted and further medical advice should be sought.

If you are in any doubt, sit the player out.

How has the product been tested?

Our product has been tested in conjunction with Virginia Tech, the world’s leading sports helmet testing facility and experts on impact injuries.   The testing protocols used for the test are  here ( https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/bitstream/handle/10919/82953/Adult%20Football%20STAR%20Methodology.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

and here (https://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/bitstream/handle/10919/90790/flag-football-STAR-protocol.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y )

How long does the product last?

This is a multi-use helmet and testing shows that it can be used safely even after heavy impact. It is however important that you thoroughly examine the product after each use to check for any damage.



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